© 2019 by Amy Marie Stewart

Film Scores

"The Farewell:" 

Vocal Contractor and Soprano

Composed by Alex Weston, Written & Directed by Lulu Wang, Staring Awkwafina

Lead Jazz Vocalist: "Pathetique"

Soprano 1: "Hotel Best"

Soprano 1: "Family"

Backing Vocal: "Come Healing"

Choir: Amy Stewart, Erika Lloyd (Soprano), Elyse Kakacek, Christiana Cole, (Alto) Mykal KilgoreNathaniel Adams, (Tenor) Rod Kelly Hines , Joshua Jeremiah (Bass)

Musical Theatre

"I Know" - from "North Pond," by Ben Morris

Nevada Lozano, Piano

"Sondheim on Sondheim" - Sizzle Reel

FreeFall Theatre in Tampa, FL

That Feeling When - Rock Band

"Heart of Glass" / "You're So Vain" / "Love Will Keep Us Together"

"Let's Dance" at Night of A Thousand Bowies

"Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie" - with Dru Cutler


Rehearsal video with Choral Chameleon in Chelsea, NYC

2017 Opera America Showcase - The Town Hall, NYC


"The Good Place" / "Molly's Game" 

Vocal Arrangement and Music Direction:

Music Direction and 4-Part Vocal Arrangement by Amy Stewart

Vocalists: Prentiss Mouton (Lead), Analise Rios, Allison Marquez, and Kaleb Lankford (backing vocals)

Celebrity Millennium, Recorded May 2019