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I bring my varied experience in recording studios, theaters, cruise ships, opera, and rock bands to every lesson I teach. I specialize in distilling down effort, finding a filter-free sound, helping legit singers belt, belters sing legit -- and most importantly, in being your new number-one cheerleader.

For my musical theatre folks, I work with you to build a cohesive audition book. To get a sense of my approach there, check out the (free) TheoryWorks online masterclass I wrote in putting your audition book together.

A published Backstage Expert, distinguished representative of the CU College of Music Alumni in NYC, and the founder of TheoryWorks, my students are currently performing on Broadway, and in Broadway tours, on cruise ships, with the Rockettes, and in theatres across the country.

I can't wait to collaborate with you!

I'll be away Vocal Directing for the Celebrity Edge this November, returning to NYC lessons 11/25!

But, I'm doing SKYPE lessons Monday - Saturday at 7pm, or Sundays 11-3pm through 11/14

In person lessons are $110/hr, and Skype lessons are $95 an hour.